Brocade Communications Systems 6510 Installation Guide

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Brocade 6510

53-1002174-1008 May 2015Brocade 6510Hardware Installation Guide

Page 2

What’s new in this document10 Brocade 6510 Hardware Installation Guide53-1002174-10

Page 3 - Contents

Brocade 6510 Introduction● Brocade 6510 overview...11●

Page 4

‐ 10 Gbps performance is enabled by 10 Gbps SFP+ transceivers.‐ Ports can be configured for 10 Gbps for metro connectivity (on the first eight ports o

Page 5 - Document conventions

• One RS-232 serial port with RJ45 connector for initial switch setup (if not using EZSwitch Setup) andfactory default restoration. (the integral LEDs

Page 6 - Notes, cautions, and warnings

Port side of the Brocade 6510The port side of the Brocade 6510 includes the system status LED, console port, Ethernet port andLEDs, USB port, and Fibr

Page 7 - Brocade resources

NOTEYou can also use port index and PIDs to identify a port. For more information, refer to the Fabric OSAdministrator's Guide.Nonport side of th

Page 8 - Document feedback

Nonport side of the Brocade 651016 Brocade 6510 Hardware Installation Guide53-1002174-10

Page 9 - About This Document

Brocade 6510 Installation and Configuration● Items included with the Brocade 6510...

Page 10 - What’s new in this document

NOTERefer to Cautions and Danger Noticesfor translations of safety notices for this product.ESD precautionsThe Brocade 6510 contains electrostatic dis

Page 11 - Brocade 6510 Introduction

DANGERTo avoid high voltage shock, do not open the device while the power is on.• The power supply standards provided in, Brocade 6510 Technical Speci

Page 12 - Platform components

© 2015, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.ADX, Brocade, Brocade Assurance, the B-wing symbol, DCX, Fabric OS, HyperEdge, ICX, M

Page 13 - Facility requirements

• The equipment in the rack is grounded through a reliable branch circuit connection and maintainground at all times. Do not rely on a secondary conne

Page 14 - Port side of the Brocade 6510

• Brocade-branded SFP+s and compatible cables (Brocade-branded 16 Gbps SFP+s required for 16Gbps performance), as required• Access to an FTP server or

Page 15 - 53-1002174-10

1. Connect the power cords to both power supplies, and then to power sources on separate circuits toprotect against power failure. Ensure that the cor

Page 16

Using DHCP to set the IP addressWhen using DHCP, the Brocade 6510 obtains its IP address, subnet mask, and default gatewayaddress from the DHCP server

Page 17 - Installation precautions

• You can view the time zone settings. However, only those with administrative permissions can setthe time zones.• The tsTimeZone setting automaticall

Page 18 - ESD precautions

Thu Sep 27 12:30:00 UTC 2007switch:admin>Setting time zonesYou must perform the procedure on all switches for which the time zone must be set. Howe

Page 19 - Environmental considerations

switch:admin> tsclockserver132.163.135.131switch:admin>The following example shows how to set up more than one NTP server using a DNS name:switc

Page 20

• In Fabric OS Native mode, the switch provides up to 48 external Fibre Channel ports. Theseuniversal and self-configuring ports are capable of becomi

Page 21 - Brocade 6510 configuration

Use the following steps to enable Access Gateway mode using Fabric OS commands. For moreinformation on enabling Access Gateway mode, refer to “Enablin

Page 22 - Switch IP address

Brocade 6510 Operation● Powering the Brocade 6510 on and off...29● LED activit

Page 24 - Setting the date

• Two Ethernet Port LEDs (both green)• The serial console port LEDs do not light up at any time, even when a cable is inserted and the linkis active.•

Page 25 - Setting time zones

FIGURE 6 LEDs on nonport side of Brocade 6510 with AC power supplies1. Power supply/fan assembly #2 status LED2. Power supply/fan assembly #1 status L

Page 26

Port side LED patterns during normal operation (Continued)TABLE 3 LED name LED color Status of hardware Recommended actionBlinking amber Attention i

Page 27 - Enabling Access Gateway mode

Nonport side LED patterns during normal operation (Continued)TABLE 4 LED name LED color Status of hardware Recommended actionSteady green PS/fan is

Page 28 - Disabling Access Gateway mode

Interpreting POST resultsPOST is a system check that is performed each time the switch is powered on, rebooted, or reset.During POST, the LEDs flash e

Page 29 - Brocade 6510 Operation

Transceivers are keyed so that they can only be inserted with the correct orientation. If a transceiverdoes not slide in easily, ensure that it is cor

Page 30 - LED locations

FIGURE 9 Installing an 8 Gbps SFP+ in the upper row of port slotDiagnostic testsIn addition to POST, Fabric OS includes diagnostic tests to help you t

Page 31 - LED patterns

Brocade 6510 ManagementYou can use the management functions built into the Brocade 6510 to monitor the fabric topology, portstatus, physical status, a

Page 32

Brocade 6510 Management38 Brocade 6510 Hardware Installation Guide53-1002174-10

Page 33 - POST and boot specifications

Power supply, fan assembly, and airflow direction supportmatrixThe power supply and fan assembly units are identified by the following airflow directi

Page 34 - Brocade 6510 Maintenance

LED activity interpretation... 29Brocade 6510 LEDs...

Page 35

NOTENA = Hardware is not available and not supported in the current release.The DC powers supplies, fan assemblies, and airflow directions are support

Page 36 - Diagnostic tests

Removal and replacement of power supplies and fans● Introduction...

Page 37 - Brocade 6510 Management

Removing and replacing a power supply and fan assemblyThis section describes how to change field replaceable units (FRUs). You must replace a failed F

Page 38

FIGURE 10 Exhaust Airflow labels on the AC power supply FRUs1. Power supply/fan assembly #22. Airflow label ("E" indicates nonport-side exha

Page 39

FIGURE 12 DC power connector and cable receptacle with cable retainer screws1. Cables2. Fastening screwsSwitch power supply and fan assemblies on the

Page 40

Power supply and fan assembly status LED behavior, description, and required actions(Continued)TABLE 6 LED Color Description Action RequiredSteady g

Page 41 - Introduction

Removing a power supply and fan assemblyComplete the following steps to remove a combined power supply and fan assembly from a Brocade6510.1. To leave

Page 42

FIGURE 14 Inserting the DC power supply and fan assembly in the switch1. Brocade 6510 chassis2. DC power supply and fan assembly3. Product and airflow

Page 43

6. Verify that the LED on the new power supply and fan assembly displays a steady green light whilethe Brocade 6510 is operating. If the LED is not a

Page 44

Brocade 6510 Switch Technical SpecificationsThis document highlights the features and specifications for the Brocade 6510 switch.System specifications

Page 45 - Items Required

Preface● Document conventions...5● Brocade resource

Page 46

System component DescriptionFCIP (IP over FibreChannel)Complies with FC-IP 2.3 of FCA profilePort Status Bicolor LED (amber/green)EthernetSystem compo

Page 47

Weight and physical dimensions"System weight"Brocade 6510 switch: 9.16 kg (20.20 lb) with two power supply and fan assemblies,and no SFPs in

Page 48

Power supplymodelMaximumoutput powerrating (DC)Input voltage Input linefrequencyMaximuminput currentInput lineprotectionMaximuminrushcurrentXBR-6510-0

Page 49 - Fibre Channel

Power consumption (maximum configuration)Model name @100 VAC input @200 VAC input @-48 VDC input Minimumnumber ofpower suppliesNotesBrocade 6510switch

Page 50 - Ethernet

Port speed (Gbps) Cable size(microns)Short wavelength(SWL)Long wavelength(LWL)Extended longwavelength (ELWL)62.5 150 m (492 ft) N/A N/A9 N/A 30 km (18

Page 51 - Environmental requirements

Serial port specifications (pinout RJ-45)Pin Signal Description1 Not supported N/A2 Not supported N/A3 UART1_TXD Transmit data4 GND Logic ground5 GND

Page 52

Regulatory compliance (EMC)• FCC Part 15, Subpart B (Class A)• EN 55022 (CE mark) (Class A)• EN 55024 (CE mark) (Immunity) for Information Technology

Page 53

Regulatory Statements● BSMI statement (Taiwan)...57● Cana

Page 54

• Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EEC• Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC• EN50082-2/EN55024:1998 (European Immunity Requir

Page 55 - Memory specifications

China ROHSRefer to the latest revision of the China ROHS document (P/N 53‐1000428‐xx) which ships with theproduct.FCC warning (US only)This equipment

Page 56 - Regulatory compliance (EMC)

Convention Description[ ] Syntax components displayed within square brackets are optional.Default responses to system prompts are enclosed in square b

Page 57 - Regulatory Statements

This is a Class A product based on the standard of the Voluntary Control Council for Interference byInformation Technology Equipment (VCCI). If this e

Page 58 - China CC statement

Caution and Danger Notices● Cautions...

Page 59 - VCCI statement

CAUTIONEnsure that the airflow direction of the power supply unit matches that of the installed fan tray.The power supplies and fan trays are clearly

Page 60

MISE ENGARDEAvant de brancher un câble à un port, assurez-vous de décharger la tension du câble enreliant les contacts électriques à la terre.PRECAUCI

Page 61 - Caution and Danger Notices

MISE ENGARDESuivez attentivement les repères mécaniques de chaque côté du slot du bloc d'alimentation etassurez-vous que le bloc d'alimentat

Page 62 - Electrical cautions

DANGER Pour des raisons de sécurité, la dragonne ESD doit contenir une résistance de série 1 mégaohm.PELIGRO Por razones de seguridad, la correa de mu

Page 63

GEFAHR Das eingeschaltete Gerät darf nicht geöffnet werden, da andernfalls das Risiko einesStromschlags mit Hochspannung besteht.DANGER Afin d'év

Page 64 - Danger Notices

Brocade resourcesVisit the Brocade website to locate related documentation for your product and additional Brocaderesources.You can download additiona

Page 65

• Brocade Supplemental Support augments your existing OEM support contract, providing directaccess to Brocade expertise. For more information, contact

Page 66

About This Document● Supported hardware and software..................... 9● What’s new

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